Meeting with the leadership of the State Consumer Service

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Today we held a meeting with the leadership of the State Consumer Service. The head of the service Vladislav Magaletskaya made a very good impression and assured that there is political will in preventing goods from being sold in Ukraine that do not meet standards and often put the lives and health of consumers at risk.
Today, you won't surprise anyone that the labeling of goods, and the main composition on the label is completely inconsistent, and therefore cottage cheese in stores is twice as cheap as the wholesale price of the ingredients of which it is kind of made, and the sausage is completely out of meat, or for example electric kettles and stoves are made from non-food metal.
At the end of the conversation, the Head of the Service Vladislav Valeryevna Magaletskaya signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Director of the Association of Manufacturers of Ukraine Kuleb Anatoly Dmitrievich.

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