Calendar of Exhibitions



Advantages of joint participation of the Association members in exhibitions:
  • Discounts for UAEGM members as collective members

For example: rent 1m2 exhibition space at the exhibition IFA (Germany, Berlin / household appliances, consumer electronics) is 180 euros, for members of the association cost 1m2 - 157 euros)

  • the possibility of receiving grants from international financial institutions
  • accompaniment of participation in the exhibition by the organizers of the collective booth UAEGM
  • easier logistics
  • coordination of the design of the stand by the designer of the association
  • exchange with other participants of the stand


Getting grants is a real step to lower the load on your marketing budget! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Calendar of planned exhibitions AMU
IFA (Berlin, Germany), 02 - 5 September 2018 (Pavilion Global Markets / B2B format) Registration for participation / ending 15.06.2018
Canton Fair (Guangzhou, China), October 15-19, 2018. (International Pavilion) Registration for participation / ending 15.08.2018
China International Import Expo (CIIE) (Shanghai, China) 05 - 10 November 2018 Possibility to apply for the National Stand / Collective Industry Stand. Applying / Completing 15.06.2018
The Big 5: International Building and Construction Show (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) November 26-29, 2018 Gathering of participants / completion 15.08.2018
EuroShop: World’s #1 Retail Trade Fair (Dusseldorf, Germany) February 16-20, 2020 Gathering of participants / completion 30.10.2018
Conditions for participation in exhibitions
  1. Promotion of Ukrainian exports and support of domestic exporters is one of the key areas of UBAE activity. Participation in the largest international exhibitions by creating collective stands is an effective tool of export activity.
  2. UAEGM participates not only in exhibitions of electrical products, but also in inter-industry exhibitions. UAE may consider participating in highly specialized industry exhibitions at the request of association members.
  3.  In order to coordinate the exhibition activity, UAEGM places information on the planned exhibitions in the "UAEGM Exhibitions Calendar".
  4. Members of the association may submit suggestions for participation in an exhibition event that they are interested in for consideration by the secretariat of the UAEGM. Association management considers such proposals within a week to decide on the expediency of UBAE participation in this exhibition event. In case of a positive decision the information is placed in the "Calendar of exhibitions UAEGM".
  5. If at the stated time the desire to participate in the proposed exhibition will reveal three or more members of the association, UBAE organizes the creation of a collective stand for exhibitors. The format of the stand is determined individually for each exhibition (open joint zone, separate sections, etc.). Participants of the exhibition are obliged to agree on the registration of their stand / zone with the organizers of the collective stand / management UAEGM.