Members of the Association


KUPAVA plant belongs to the group of companies KTD-group ( Two fully functional plants are located in the heart of Ukraine, Kaniv, Cherkasy region and Cherkasy. The capacities of these factories produce a wide range of home appliances. We produce high-quality products such as washing machines, electric kettles, heaters, electric furnaces, dryers for products, meat grinders, refrigerators, freezers and freezers. Our factories are equipped with state of the art and advanced technologies. Production lines were developed under the close supervision of leading Chinese engineers. As a result, the quality of products meets the highest requirements of European consumers, and the cost of producing goods is equal to the cost of Chinese goods, and sometimes, due to lower costs in Ukraine, even lower. The team of professional designers, marketers and engineers are working hard to create unique designs of household goods, and due to this products TM "KUPAVA" meets the requirements of the best trading companies.

Company "ALEANA" - the big, industrial enterprise on processing of plastics. For today in the assortment of the company four main directions: household goods, kitchens, garden and town, plastic furniture. The assortment of products is constantly updated and expanded. A separate direction is the production of products manufactured under license agreements with the customer, such as the Samsung Corps "Samsung Electronics Ukraine", "Saturn", packaging and delivery of products under the order. Qualitative and competitive products under TM "ALEANA" are aimed at the widest sections of the population and highly appreciated by consumers of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other countries. The basic principles of our work - high quality products, minimal costs, optimal prices. All this is achieved thanks to the latest production system, modern equipment, highly skilled personnel, flexible sales tactics, quality control at every stage of production.

The company "AeroPract" was founded in 1991. The main direction of activity is the development and serial production of ultralight aircraft of various modifications. The enterprise serially manufactures light aircraft A-22, A-24, A-36, and also executes individual orders. Prospective studies and development of special modifications of base models are underway: the aircraft engineers, aircraft, amphibious aircraft, and four-seater aircraft were tested and "went to the series".

UKRAVIT is an agrarian corporation, one of the leaders in the market for plant protection products. The main activities of the corporation are high-quality production and sale of pesticides, fertilizers with trace elements, which are intensively used in modern resource-saving agriculture, means for the destruction of rodents and domestic insects. The production capability of the corporation is aimed at providing demand in the industrial sector and in the private sector segment.

VENTS is the world leader in ventilation production. This deserved status confirms the recognition of partners and consumers around the world, more than 50 million units of products sold and honorary membership in the world's largest associations - climate experts. VENTS is a powerful scientific and production enterprise with the largest modern production base in Europe and independently produces a full range of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems of any degree of complexity under the trademarks VENTS, Domovent, Plastivent, Alyuent, X-VENT, AirVENTS. The range of ventilation products of VENTS is over 10,000 items for household, commercial and industrial ventilation, different target consumers and world geographic regions.

Public Joint Stock Company "Mayak" is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Today, in the "Mayak" PJSC there are 5 subsidiary companies. Harmoniously combining the traditions of the defensive complex and advanced technologies of leading world manufacturers in conjunction with modern design, the company today is engaged in the development and manufacture of a wide range of household appliances, electric heaters and radiators (copper - aluminum, steel) for heating systems under its own brand name "Termia » The products are manufactured in large quantities and successfully sold in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries and the Baltic States. The assortment of goods is constantly expanding, increasing sales volumes, growing list of regular customers.

"GRETA" (Druzhkovka, Donetsk region) has become a well-known enterprise both in Ukraine and far abroad for its more than half-century history. Today Druzhkovsk gas and electric plates represent a family hearth for millions of Ukrainians, serving the inhabitants of Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States and far abroad. The current history of the plant consists of continuous upgrading of production processes. About 5 million hryvnias are annually aimed at renewal of fixed assets, new equipment is being acquired, and new automated technologies are being introduced. All these innovations ensured a rapid growth of production: if in 2004 the company produced 160 thousand plates, in 2005 - 210 thousand plates, in 2006 this figure was - 290, 2007 - 350, in 2008 up to 400 thousand plates.

NovaTek Holding was established in 2001, which included the Odesa Plant of Construction and Finishing Machines (COM). Since then, NovaTek has gone a long way and has become one of the largest trading companies in Ukraine. To date, the NovaTek Holding has implemented a number of major projects: - Construction of a new plant "Hydroprom" for the production of electric water heaters; - Issue of a wide range of gas boilers and columns; - Development and production of equipment for trenchless technologies; - Development and production of building and finishing machines for flooring; - Established stores and representative offices throughout Ukraine. Our representative offices operate throughout Ukraine; We deliver products to Western Europe, the USA, the Baltic States and the CIS.


ATON Group - a holding producing heat engineering products under the ATON brand. This trademark was created in 2003 by the board of OJSC Krasyliv Machine-Building Plant, a large domestic machine-builder with more than 80 years of history. In 1999, the plant began its operations as an operator of the Ukrainian heat engineering market, concentrating shares in several Ukrainian factories in its corporate portfolio. Today, ATON Group is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian heating technology market, whose main activity is the sale of ATON domestic and industrial heat engineering equipment in the territory of Ukraine and the CIS.

The TIS Terminal Group is the largest dry cargo port in Ukraine, serving as a gateway to the outside world for the entire mining and smelting complex of Ukraine and a large part of Russia's coal mining industry. Located on the shore of the Small Adzhalyatsky estuary, 27 km east of Odessa, we are ideally located in relation to the industrial part of Ukraine. TIS terminals are access to international markets for the production and consumption of grain, fertilizers, coal, ore, consumer goods for hundreds of millions of people. More than 650 ship activities per year are linked by TIS from over 1500 ports around the world.

For 50 years, PJSC "Elektrobutpribor" has a privileged place in the domestic market of household washing machines. Our products are competitive, upgraded and modernized, fully compliant with the requirements of modern consumers. The history of PJSC "Elektropobutprilad" begins to count down since 1957, with the conversion of the Artel Disabled Donbass into a washing machine plant. In the same year, a series of production of washing machines "Donbass" was started at the plant. In 1984, the production of a compact washing machine "Desna" was mastered. At present, the production of washing machines SM-3 "Donbass" -6 with loading up to 3 kg and also plastic CM-2 "Donbass" -7 with a full load of 2 kg is mastered. Throughout the whole time, the company manufactures stainless steel tableware . Today our products are delivered not only to all regions of Ukraine, but also to Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of the near abroad. The company's products are certified in Ukraine and in Russia. In 2005, the company was certified by the International Bureau Veritas for compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The Ukrainian plant "Radiator" performs any work requiring high-quality metal sheet metal processing. The main range of activities is the production of cooker hoods, which are exported to many countries around the world. It is mainly CIS countries and the domestic market. In one month, the plant produces about thirty thousand kitchen hoods. The plant is equipped with all the necessary technologies, with which the processing of sheet metal is carried out. It is also worth noting the high qualifications and enormous professionalism of the workers who work at the plant. Due to these two components, the finished products of the plant meet the national standards and strict international requirements. The plant has a powerful conveyor for assembly, automatic machines for contact spot welding of products, a powder coating line with an oven for polymerization. All these mechanisms allow producing more than thirty thousand cooker hoods per month. All production of the plant can be ordered from the material of the customer or our material. With long-term cooperation, all customers receive optimal product discounts.

OLYMP is one of the largest vodka producers in Ukraine. The company is among the TOP-5 producers of hard alcohol in the country. OLYMP is a 16-year history of work both in the Ukrainian market and abroad, where the products of the company are valued for high quality and stylish design. The production site of the Company is LGP PRIME (town of Malinovka, Kharkiv region). The plant was built in 2006 in an environmentally friendly area. This is a powerful, best, according to experts, a plant in Ukraine. At PRIME, the largest in Europe is a refinery with a capacity of 2 million liters. , Which allows you to be warned of alcohol-quality drops. In the portfolio of the company 3 vodka brands PRIME, "True", "Malinovka".

Aisberg Company was founded in 1989 and has been successfully operating in the commercial cold market for more than 25 years as a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for trade. The direction of our activity is the production of a full range of refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and hypermarkets. In addition to the serial models, Iceberg Ltd. Develops and manufactures refrigerated showcases on individual orders in accordance with the author's design project, taking into account the highest requirements for the demonstration and cooling of the goods.

The "RKP" company is the largest producer of red caviar in Ukraine and is a part of North-East Company holding - one of the leaders in the region for the production and distribution of salmon caviar and cod breeds, for the production of canned food from Far Eastern crab. The holding includes a number of fish processing enterprises in Russia and Ukraine, a fishing fleet that fishes in the Far East (Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands). The company "RCP" has been operating since 1997 and produces about 60 products under the brands "Ikura", "Island", "Gold ounce", "Okhotsk Sea", "High ambassador", "Kuril ridge" and many others. The annual turnover of salmon caviar is about 900 tons per year. In 2010 the enterprise was modernized: the newest equipment was installed, which allowed to significantly improve the productivity and quality of the manufactured products. At present, more than 50% of the Ukrainian market for red caviar is caviar, produced and imported by the company "RCP".

The Kharkov plant "Teploavtomat" was organized in 1937 for the production of hydraulic automation equipment. Having undergone a long path of development, having undergone various changes in the structure, the company "Teploavtomat" was transformed into Open Joint Stock Research and Production Company "Teploautomat" in 1994 and from 2011 to the Public Joint Stock Company "NPP Teploavtomat". PJSC "NVP TEPLOAVTOMAT" specializes in the development, production and repair of high-performance pneumatic and electropneumatic actuators, positors, signaling devices, regulators, relays, electro-hydraulic servo valves, as well as various control systems for technological processes. Also, the company is engaged in the development and implementation of non-standard technological equipment under the customer's requirements.

The team of specialists with many years of aviation development experience in Ukraine and abroad designs and builds helicopters, multipurpose aircraft, aviation engines and automated control systems. Aircraft are created on their own high-precision automated production. Reliability and safety of products are guaranteed by the use of equipment from world leaders and quality control systems. The scientific potential of the company is not limited to the Design Bureau itself. A number of research laboratories are engaged in aerodynamic and robust calculations, research and modernization of internal combustion engines.

Softex-Aero has developed and implemented a quality control system that covers the development, production, testing, maintenance, service and repair of products. This quality control system is based on international standards of ISO quality control systems. Today Softex-Aero is developing a two-engined four-seater multipurpose SOFTEX V24, as well as a five-seater multipurpose turbine powered helicopter. The company uses modern technologies of composite materials during the construction of these aircraft. By September 2017, the company Softex-Aero plans to become one of the world leaders in the production of civil aviation in the field of light aircraft and helicopters.


Industrial Park Mirotske is: a professional Management Company; Established infrastructure, including local hard roads, checkpoint, recreation areas, landscape design of the entrance group and public areas; Connection to own central and local engineering networks, namely: electric substation, gas distributing substation, water supply systems, drainage of technical water and central sewage, optical communication, etc. Industrial Park Myrotskaya in figures: 19 km - from Kiev along the international route Kiev-Lublin; 350 000 m2 of the total area of ​​industrial land, privately owned; 25 plots from 7 000 to 18 000 m2 equipped for the organization of industrial production; 100 000 able-bodied population within a radius of 15 kilometers; 3 000 000 potential buyers of your products within a radius of 150 km.

Voleeyu Fashion House is a quintessence of fashion, accessories, unique jewelry, interior design in one brand. This is a lifestyle, the external manifestations of which, are the combination of elegance and freedom, aristocracy, royal luxury.






IPARK is an attractive opportunity if you plan to increase production and sales to Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Our industrial park is based on the philosophy of integrating production, logistics and various auxiliary functions on the territory of the largest container terminal in Ukraine. The developed infrastructure, support for enterprises in obtaining the necessary permits, as well as a single customs zone with a container terminal TIS is an objective advantage of the project iPARK.

Enterprise "Promelektro-Kharkiv" was founded in 1995. The team set itself the goal of mastering the production of simple, reliable and affordable domestic electric pumps. In the short term here were created the necessary production and technological conditions for the release of competitive products. At present, the trade mark "Aquarius" is well known not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Open Company "Magnetik" is the leading manufacturer in Ukraine of plastic panels and profiles TM Deco life for processing of internal premises and facades. We have been working on the market for more than 9 years. Over the years, we have become one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market among manufacturers of PVC products.

Limited Liability Company "Ch.A.S.", Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region was established in 2001. The main and long time the only activity was the distribution of finishing building materials: lacquer-paint products, floor coverings, decors (plinths, baguettes), profiles, etc. To date, ChA.S. Company is actually a management company in the portfolio of which distribution projects (, retail, industrial property complexes.

TM Ecotherm was founded in 2005. TM Ecothem is a quality insulator, reliable packaging, and foam plastic for the industry. Ecotherm is a production of exceptionally high quality, compliance with the technology of production regulations, a modern method of quality control of raw materials and finished products. Due to the stability of product quality, competent management and individual approach to each customer, we have gained the trust of our customers and partners with whom we have been working for many years.

The company "Rainwater Systems" was founded in 2005. We are the first manufacturer of PVC drainage systems in Ukraine. Today, we are leading among national manufacturers of drainage systems. The company introduced a special quality control of the products. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of the goods you bought. For 12 years of active sales, we provided more than 500,000 roofs with gutters in all corners of our country. The success of the company is due to the high quality of rainwater "RainWay", competitive price, as well as a wide distribution network. Now rainwalls "RainWay" can be bought in every region, in every city and district center of Ukraine.

"Elite Decor" is a company with ten years of experience in the market of finishing materials in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Germany and Kazakhstan. Fields of activities: Polyurethane stucco molding: ceiling cornices, moldings, moldings, columns, half-columns, pilasters, door decorations, panels, niches, domes, ceiling sockets, etc. - represented by the collections of "Gaudi Décor", "Harmony"; Decorative polyurethane beams of own manufacture (falshalki «under a tree») - are presented by collection «DecoWood»; Facade stucco decoration of own production from expanded polystyrene: cornices, moldings, columns, lining, locks, window sills, busses - is represented by the collection "Prestige Decor"; The direction of "EliteDesing", which includes design services, such as the design of the exterior, interior design; Landscape and subject design.



Among the many manufacturers and importers, the most profitable Ukrainian producer of polypropylene pipes and fittings - Kraft plast (Kraft plast). The company has been producing polypropylene products since 2009. The company specializes in the production of the widest assortment of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene for heating and water supply systems. Kraftplast (kraftplast) is the leading domestic producer of polypropylene pipes.

For more than 25 years INMASTERS company has been using her own scientific and technological potential, helping specialists who are working in the fields of medical and scientific researches and health protection. INMASTERS company is the trustworthy scientific and manufacturing partner of many medical foundations who are working in the field of surgical and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal system and orthopedic injuries. Company closely cooperates with orthopedists, traumatologists, and neurosurgeons who are directly responsible for patient's treatment with a help of the present-day equipment. Having the biggest innovational potential, company holds the leading positions in Ukraine in the field of development and manufacture of individual implants and instruments for the ostheosynthesis, as well as the products for orthopaedy. Our production is supplied in all regions of the country.

The "Paritet-K" company was founded in 1993 and is a pioneer in the safe manufacture and sales in Ukraine. The company has large experience in the market and does not stop in its development and growth. Now, our team of specialists is more than 150 people. We are ready to meet the market demand for high quality safes and a store of value. Safes are produced on the modern equipment, with the most advanced technical and design solutions. We use component materials from the best world manufacturers.
One of the main advantages of the "Paritet-K" is a exclusive design bureau. Company constructors provide the most complex projects and customer requirements. For constant quality control "Paritet-K" has its own laboratory for testing.

The company "Heat Generation" is a part of the group of companies "SATER", previously known as "UkrsaStekhEnergoRemont", created in 1940. The group has many years of experience in carrying out a complex of design, installation, repair, start-up and adjustment works for ensuring safe and efficient operation of energy and process equipment in the sugar, alcohol, confectionery, oil and fat industry, as well as the reconstruction of the said equipment and modernization of production schemes. We own our own production of boiler equipment (boilers E, KE, DKVR, steam generators, modular boilers, deaerators, etc.) and metal constructions for industrial enterprises, commercial real estate, elevators. We are the general contractor in the construction of factories and CHP.

LLC "Belotserkovsky plant" Tribo "is a manufacturer of friction and brake products, which include: clutch linings, brake lining for drum brakes, brake pads, sealing interlining materials and products made of them. The number of items produced by our company exceeds three hundred products that are used in trucks, quarry equipment, drilling rigs, railway vehicles, agricultural tractors, etc. ... In addition, our company produces sealing and brake sheet materials. Maximum attention is paid to product quality control. We have certificates and work on ISO 9001: 2008 Management Systems, ISO 14001: 2004, and ISO / TS 16949: 2009 Automotive Industry Management System. The products of LLC "Belotserkovsky plant" Tribo "are supplied to assembling conveyors of the largest car factories of Ukraine and Russia.

Experimental plant of welding equipment IES them. E.O. Paton (OZSO) produces a wide range of professional welding equipment and is one of the leaders in the market of welding machines in Ukraine and CIS countries. Introducing advanced technologies and design developments, OZS produces high quality welding equipment with optimal technical characteristics, which meets the needs of both large industrial enterprises and individuals.

UDEN-S is a Ukrainian brand of energy-saving electric heaters. The history of the company began in 2006 in Kropivnitsky as a small, trade and installation organization, which installed various heating systems of Ukrainian and foreign brands. Upon perfection, testing various technologies, developed a product, which is analogous not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Under its warm sign of quality the plant produces 3 broad rulers of panel heaters of various capacities: classic white - modern, thin and elegant; unique design panels with artistic hand-painted or photographic prints; three collections of ceramic granite heaters.

VIRA, Ltd, a research and production limited company, was established to satisfy consumers in low-voltage electrical apparatuses (NEAs), namely automatic switches, ballasts, etc. The NGO "VIRA, Ltd" has qualified staff in the field of NEA. The specialists of the organization took part in the development and implementation of automatic circuit breakers of the series VA09-35S, VA09-36S, A3714S, A3700, A3710, A3794B, A3794S, A3720, A3790 and others. At present, having the necessary equipment, the company's specialists can qualitatively, in accordance with the requirements of the normative and technical documentation or according to the technical task of the customer, refine, adjust and conduct acceptance tests, almost any apparatus for voltage up to 1000 V.