Joint statement by Ukrainian power companies on electricity tariffs

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The increase in electricity prices for industrial consumers, which took place in January - July of this year 2019, had a very negative impact on the financial results of the activity of the enterprises of electricity consumers, led to an increase in the cost price of their products, a decrease in its realization in the domestic market and a decrease in its competitiveness in the external one. This is undoubtedly directly related to the development of the Ukrainian economy as a whole, since the non-competitive production of domestic producers does not allow the economy of any state to develop.

After the above increase, Ukrainian producers were on the verge of raising prices for their products and could not raise wages for their employees and invest in production development.

Therefore, the reduction of these tariffs, which occurred in August-November this year and amounted to about 20% relative to the tariffs in July (UAH 2,754 / kWh in July and 2,286 UAH / kWh in October, excluding VAT), caused a noticeable recovery in production. activities and a number of positive trends that will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the profit of enterprises, which can be spent on raising wages, reducing the cost of production, etc.

We hope that the Government, Ministry, NERCEP and the Parliamentary Committee of the Verkhovna Rada will continue to make efforts to reduce electricity tariffs for industrial consumers or at least to preserve existing tariffs, which will increase production volumes, lower the cost of production, increase the cost of production and pay will lead to further development of our country's economy.

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