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participants of the conference "restoring Ukraine – open data and stimulating investment", which was held on Tuesday, February 14, in Kiev, spoke about the recovery of the Ukrainian economy, attracting investment, public procurement, compensation for business losses for lost property. The discussion was held with the participation of Chairman of the servant of the People Party Olena Shulyak, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on economic development Dmytro Natalukha, and representatives of leading business associations. The event was organized by the Ukrainian Business Council with the support of CIPE Ukraine.

"after the adoption of Bill No. 7198 on compensation for damaged and destroyed housing, which the parliament is currently considering in the second reading, the next step should be to develop a similar bill on compensation for business losses. Digital tools will also help restore the economy, and we will continue to actively implement them," Elena Shulyak emphasized.

Elena Shulyak

"the task of the future New Ukraine is to minimize the stress and operating costs incurred by businesses in cooperation with government agencies and institutions. Open data is about consistency and transparency. The digital State is a fast State. Paper is a slow State, " Dmitry Natalukha said.

open data and civil society control are the key to a high – quality recovery of Ukraine, the participants emphasized. Government officials support the need to return open registers and e-declarations, and these changes should be implemented in the near future.

Dmytro Natalukha

members of the Ukrainian Business Council who took part in the discussion raised a number of issues related to the work of business in war conditions.
first vice-president of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and industry Mykhailo Nepranasked when the plan for the restoration of Ukraine will be approved and its implementation will begin.

"there is a public request, we support this strategic plan, and the Ukrainian Business Council made a statement on this issue. We need to take the first step," the first vice president urged.

Mykhailo Nepran

Chairman of the parliamentary committee Dmytro Natalukha promised to organize committee hearings on this issue in March, to which representatives of the government and business will be invited.
president of the Association of taxpayers of Ukraine Grigol Katamadzeraised the issue of investor support from the state: "on the one hand, there is a law on "investnyan", on the other – we have only 5 projects in a year and a half." According to the president of the Association, the issues of connecting to the power grid, insuring investors ' military risks, reimbursing forest losses, and so on remain problematic for investors. The state should provide support to investors in these matters.

Grigol Katamadze

the panelists agreed that the law on strategic investors needs to be improved, and business representatives will send proposals to the Economic Development Committee for processing.
president of the Ukrainian Federation of the security industry Anatoly Dolinnystressed the importance of adopting the draft law on public-private partnership. The conference participants agreed that draft law No. 7508 needs to be finalized for the second reading and implemented as soon as possible. Business representatives delegate representatives to the Working Group on the development of the editorial board for the second reading.

Anatoliy Dolynny (Center)

commenting on the issue of business compensation for lost real estate, Elena Shulyak noted that when the system of compensation to owners of destroyed and damaged Housing Works, the issue of business compensation will be raised, because the mechanism will already be developed and we will know how to effectively implement the idea.

president of the All-Ukrainian professional association of entrepreneurs Borys Emeldesh noted, what is most important is to resolve the issue of not an optimal model of market supervision in Ukraine. Currently, a working group with the participation of specialists, authors of two alternative draft laws on Market Supervision, has reached a joint version of the draft law, the work should be completed in the near future, and the conference participants have agreed on the possibility of registering a joint draft law 5473 – D.


Boris Emeldesh (Center)

the conference participants also discussed other issues: bringing market supervision in Ukraine in line with reality; relations between manufacturers and retail chains, the idea of financing parties and public organizations at the expense of 1% Personal Income Tax, and others.
the discussion was attended by president of the Association of private employers Oleksandr Chumak, Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian agrarian Council Dmytro Kohan, heads of business associations "Ukrkondprom", Association of retailers of Ukraine, Association "Insurance Business", Association of Meat Industry, Association of information technology entrepreneursand others.

following the conference, the participants agreed to work together on all the projects discussed and to hold regular further meetings to work out important projects.

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