Assistance to foreign investors


Eurointegration agreement

Ukraine has signed the Eurointegration Agreement and from 1/06/2014 all goods produced in Ukraine will be delivered to the countries of the European Union without payment of customs duties (duty = 0). This means that by organizing production in Ukraine, the investor opens not only the Ukrainian market (46 million people), but the whole market of the European Union (502 million people with high purchasing power).

Low duty with the EU

For example, everyone knows that China is a world leader in TV production. However, due to the fact that the fee for Chinese TVs in the EU countries is 14%, most of the market of low-cost televisions in the EU countries is occupied by Turkish factories that produce TVs from Chinese components. Recall that Turkey still many years ago, signed a similar Eurointegration agreement, and supplies its products to all EU countries without paying customs duties.


Inexpensive land

Great choice in any regions of Ukraine. The ease of buying a land by foreigner (through a company created) into an industrial property for a price from $ 500 to $ 2000 per one hundred square meters. Our association will help you!

Open a company in Ukraine

You can all for 5-7 days with 100% foreign capital. Our association will help you!

Inexpensive logistics

Because the distance to many European cities is much closer. Already 3-4 days after the release of your products, your goods may stand on the shelves of European stores. Since Ukraine imports a lot of goods into the territory of Ukraine, many Ukrainian carriers (by the way, the cheapest in the whole of Europe) will gladly take goods from Ukraine to Europe at the cost of fuel ($ 1,000 to Warsaw and Berlin for 120 cubic meters), since they often ride To Europe empty. (Our association will help you!)

A large selection of inexpensive bankrupt factories

Which are easy to redeem and after the repair start production on them. Our association will help you!

Inexpensive power supply

Only 0,1 $ for 1kW of electricity

The lowest cost of labor

The lowest in Europe, and even lower than in China. At the same time, the number of able-bodied population of Ukraine is one of the largest in Europe.

Lowest taxes in Europe

The main taxes is the value added tax (VAT), it is 20% and the profit tax is 18%. In the case of export supplies, VAT returns by 20%. The import duty on most components from China is 0%.

Protecting Foreign Investors

After the coming to power in Ukraine of a new government focused on rapprochement with Europe and the United States, the country began a total fight against corruption, with the simultaneous care and protection of foreign investors. Our association will assist you in solving any bureaucratic issues and, if necessary, arrange a meeting at the highest level of the Ukrainian leadership.

Export without duty

All Ukrainian producers can export their products to the territory of the CIS countries without a duty

Embassy support

The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine supports the creation of manufacturing facilities by Chinese companies in Ukraine.

Taking into account the foregoing, we can firmly say that your investment in Ukraine will be securely protected and will give you a very high return. Profitability on investments made in the amount of 25-40% per annum for many Ukrainian companies is a norm, and if yesterday, this high profitability was due to high risks and expensive bank loans, then, after the arrival of the new Democratic authorities, your risks go to zero.


Welcome to the Association of Manufacturers of Ukraine! Welcome to Ukraine!!!